2013 Draft Profile: Hugh Beasley

Hugh Beasley (Oakleigh Chargers)

Height: 191 cm
Weight: 88 kg
Position: Defender
Player Comparison: Tayte Pears
Strengths: Ability to read the play, intercept marking, spoiling
Weaknesses: Disposal efficiency

Another player who’s season has been marred by injury, Hugh Beasley will be hoping that his early season form and current potential is enough for him to get drafted.

Beasley hasn’t been able to cement his spot in the team this season, having only played nine matches for Oakleigh, including a two month mid-season layoff because of injury and has also missed the odd game as well. He started the season off very strongly, and in the opening game against Eastern Ranges, kept Tom Boyd to only one goal in three quarters. Boyd kicked three more in the dying stages of the game but Beasley’s performance was impressive nonetheless. It remains one of the best defensive games on Boyd all season, who is far and away the best forward in the TAC Cup.

As the state squads were being selected for the National Championships, Beasley took part in intra-club trial matches for Vic Country. He shone throughout the match as he comfortably beat his opponent on the day. One of his key attributes is his ability to read the play. On many occasions, Beasley was able to judge the kick coming inside 50, which not only allowed him to get in a better position then his opponent, but sometimes even leave his man to make it to the contest and create the spoil.

In a one on one battle, Beasley is rarely beaten. He’s very strong overhead and can take a good mark, and is quite smart when playing behind so to not give a free kick away and contest the ball fairly. Even his spoiling is a strength, as he knows when to get the ball to the boundary line and out of danger, and sometimes might spoil to a teammates advantage to set up the attack.

One of his major weaknesses is his disposal efficiency. When he’s got the ball in his hands, he can sometimes rush his kick and not look up the field, where there may be someone in a better position. He just lacks a bit of composure on the ball, but a couple of years in the AFL system and his decision making ability and efficiency should improve dramatically.

In the Bound For Glory News Phantom Draft, Hugh Beasley was selected at pick 69 by the Sydney Swans. As the Swans don’t particularly have an area that they need to strengthen, the selection of Beasley is based on potential. Beasley has shown his ability in the games that he has played this season, and would learn a lot under the guidance of veteran defenders Ted Richards and Heath Grundy.

Depending on which team selects him in the draft, Beasley may not get much game time in 2014. If he gets selected by a top 8 side, it may just be a year of development and learning, but if it’s a rebuilding side, he may be given a chance to see what he can do at AFL level. Regardless of where he ends up, Hugh Beasley as the talent to work his way into the side and make an impact.

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