2013 Draft Profile: Alex Carr

Alex Carr (Gippsland Power)

Height: 180 cm
Weight: 73 kg
Position: Midfielder/Forward
Player comparison: Andrew Walker
Strengths: Great kick, contested player, Strong tackling ability, versatility
Weaknesses: Decision making

The Gippsland Power have seen their season dip slightly in recent weeks, due to injuries and have lost the last five. They are still on track for the finals, and one player who has been one of their most consistent players this season is Alex Carr.

Carr, or ‘Pecka’ as he is known, has played a pivotal role in the 2nd half the season through the midfield. Carr has one of the best kicks in the TAC Cup, and can be deadly from beyond the 50-meter arc if given the opportunity. His ability to run behind his teammates and get away from his opposition is a huge part of why he can be so dangerous as a player.

One of Carr’s greatest strengths in his game is his ability to win the contested ball. He goes in hard at every contest, and is always looking to find the football. He has had some stellar games in this TAC Cup season, with the pick of the games being his 40-possession effort against the top of the table Geelong Falcons in a loss. Carr’s attack on the ball will be sure to attract some AFL clubs attention leading up towards the 2013 AFL draft.

Although Carr’s offensive attack is a great asset for his game, but he is also a prolific tackler for Gippsland. He constantly is laying big tackles or bumps to stop his opponents run. This adds to his already highly talented offensive pressure that he applies when running forward with the ball. His forward pressure can lock the ball inside the Gippsland forward 50, giving them the best chance to score.

Carr has many strengths to his game, but one area that he could improve in is his decision making in some situations. He is sometimes rushed into kicking the ball to a contest rather than lowering his eyes and kicking to a teammate. This isn’t a re-occurring issue, but if he were to erase this issue, his game would go to a whole new level, and attract the attention of many AFL teams and scouts.

Another area that Carr is strong in is that he is able to play in different areas of the ground. He can play pure midfield, but then if needed, can go out onto a halfback flank, or wing to help the run for Gippsland. Carr’s good goal sense also comes in handy as he can stream forward from the back line and get the ball, and have a shot from 45 to 50 meters out, or be able to hit up one of Gippsland’s forward players.

In the Bound For Glory News Rising Stars Phantom Draft, Carr was selected by Gold Coast with pick 59. His contested body and ability to hit the scoreboard would help add another dimension to the Gold Coast half forward line. Despite only being 180 cm, he plays a lot bigger and is the hard body so many clubs need.

Throughout this season, Alex Carr has shown that he has real potential at a high level. His second half of the season in particular has caught the eye of many and he has catapulted himself into draft contention. His booming kick and strong tackling and contested ability have seen him rise in the phantom drafts. His ability would suit many teams in the AFL, most notably GWS for his contested game, and St Kilda or Richmond for his great kicking ability.

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