2013 Draft Profile: Mitch Harvey

Mitch Harvey (North Adelaide)

Height: 195cm
Weight: 97kg
Position: Key Forward
Player comparison: Chris Dawes (more athletic)
Strengths: Marking, agility, goal kicking
Weaknesses: Consistency, doesn’t utilise his build

Mitch Harvey is the commanding full forward from South Australia who worked well with Darcy Hourigan and Luke Reynolds. With football in his blood being the nephew of Collingwood recruiter Matt Rendell, Harvey is destined for great things. He’s your typical key forward who while he has some outstanding attributes, still has a lot to work on.

He will be in the logger-jam of key forwards in the second round alongside the likes of Darcy Hourigan, Luke Reynolds, Dallas Willsmore and Max Hayes and will be a case of preference from the individual recruiter. Harvey is one of your traditional key forwards in terms of size unlike the others who are somewhat undersized. At 195cm and 97kg, Harvey has the body to play AFL from early on in his career.

Despite being larger than the other key forwards, Harvey is no less athletic being quite agile below his knees. Against Vic Metro at Simmonds Stadium, the ball was spoiled away from Harvey but he scooped it up with one hand and turned his opponent inside out to snap a goal like a much smaller player. He also showed in the same match and against Western Australia that he can also slot goals from distance and the boundary line with reasonable accuracy.

The main question mark over Harvey is whether or not he can utilise his build against much weaker opponents. Much like Chris Dawes at the start of his career, Harvey is build like a freight train but needs to build more strength in his arms to begin out-muscling opponents like Dawes did after a few years in the AFL system. If he can do this without losing his athleticism, Harvey has the potential to go far.

Another aspect that Harvey, like most forwards, needs to work on is his consistency. If he can string a few performances together at SANFL level then Harvey stocks will inevitably rise before the draft and with footy in his blood, he’ll no doubt be the talking point of a number of clubs. He’s got plenty of characteristics that clubs can help develop and with natural progression, Harvey could become one of the better key forwards out of this draft.

In the Bound For Glory News Rising Stars Phantom Draft, Mitch Harvey was selected with Collingwood’s second round pick. With Rendell’s relation to Harvey, it’s rumoured the Pies are keen on snatching up the red head from North Adelaide. With a host of rucks retiring and Lynch in the twilight of his career, Harvey could help out Travis Cloke and Jackson Paine up forward in the future.

It is expected Harvey will most likely go in the second round and if he can remain consistent and continue his good form in the SANFL, Harvey will be expected to no doubt find a home at an AFL club.

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