TAC Cup: round 11 review

With the Under 18s Championships underway, many teams were missing a number of their best players and had to cope without them. Eastern Ranges couldn’t as they were smashed by a hungry Jets outfit to open the round. Murray Bushrangers and Gippsland Power both had solid wins despite missing a number of key players while the Northern Knights, Geelong Falcons and Calder Cannons also registered wins over weaker opponents. With only six matches left, the race for the finals is beginning to heat up.


TAC Cup: round 11

Eastern Ranges 8.9 (57)
Western Jets 25.12 (162)

Eastern Ranges goals: Cody (2), Fisher, Traynor, Belo, Sheridan-Ferrie, Evans, Kean.
Jets goals: McKenzie (4), Duggan (3), Singleton (3), Iaccarino (2), O’Leary (2), Orr (2), Manivong (2), Dawam (2), Norton, Ferrari, Bewley, Hickey, Myers.
Eastern Ranges best: Evans, Cody, Bond, Welsh, Hannon, Belo
Jets best: M. Ellis, Duggan, McKenzie, Orr, Bewley, Iaccarino

The Western Jets celebrated a massive win over the understrength Eastern Ranges at Box Hill Oval, winning by 105 points in a complete annihilation of the top two side. Eastern Ranges was missing Tom Boyd, Ben Cavarra, Mitch Keedle, Michael Apeness and Mitch Honeychurch amongst others and the Jets made them pay. Jake McKenzie, the younger brother of Gold Coast’s Trent, booted four goals while Liam Duggan booted three in the win. David Iaccarino continued his fantastic form this season while for the Eastern Ranges, Nicholas Evans and James Belo were arguably the best in what was a dirty day for the boys. Eastern Ranges travel to Eureka Stadium in Ballarat while the Western Jets host Gippsland Power at Preston City Oval.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal:
5- Liam Duggan (Western Jets)
4- Jake McKenzie (Western Jets)
3- David Iaccarino (Western Jets)
2- Mark Orr (Western Jets)
1- Brett Bewley (Western Jets)


Bendigo Pioneers 8.10  (58)
Murray Bushrangers 13.13 (91)

Pioneers goals: Payne (2), Spurr (2), Harvey (1), O’Meara, Chisari, Hywood
Bushrangers goals: Cousins (3), Mellington (2), Squire (2), Brett (2), Payne, Sharp, Peni, Holman
Pioneers best: Byrne, Chisari, Spurr, Mangan, Ryan, Jones
Bushrangers best: Mellington, Squire, Howe, Hodgson, Brett, Squire

The Murray Bushrangers looked to continue their good form of late and cement themselves inside the top four with a win over the Pioneers away from home. The win was never going to be an easy task with the Pioneers coming off some recent good performances. The Bushrangers certainly signaled their intent early forcing Bendigo into making several mistakes leading to the opening two goals coming from direct turnovers. Bendigo were able to keep in touch during the first term thanks to goals from Fergus Payne and Alex Hywood however the solid defensive set up of the Bushrangers made it difficult for Bendigo to push for the lead with the Bushrangers opening up an eleven point lead at the first change.

The Pioneers lifted their intensity to a whole new level in the second quarter but were unable to get reward for their efforts going forward early in the term kicking three straight behinds before their first major. At the other end Murray were continuing the trend of behinds before finally impacting the score board through Nick Mellington late in the term to push the margin out to 20 points. Luckily for Bendigo, Danny Jones was solid in defense making plenty of goal saving spoils and marks to keep Bendigo within striking distance.

It only took 50 seconds for the Bushrangers to hit the score board as they hit the ground running in the third quarter, piling on the first three goals in quick succession to increase their lead to 38 points just five minutes into the second half. It was beginning to look impossible for the Pioneers to come back from more than six goals down in the third, but try telling that to their captain Jacob Chisari who again lifted the Pioneers off the canvas booting their first of the term. Quick goals followed from Harry O’Meara and Brandon Spurr and the deficit was cut back to a manageable 12 points before Bushrangers’ Henry Peni booted a goal on the three-quarter time siren bringing the margin back out to 18 points at the last change.

Bendigo had made promising signs that a comeback could be on the cards in the third term, however they had spent all their energy during the third quarter fight back. Daniel Howe and Jake Sharp were impressive in the final term as the Bushrangers skipped away to a comfortable 33 point win and restricting Bendigo to just one behind in the final term. The Bushrangers claimed their third straight victory and sit in overall fourth place on the TAC Cup ladder while Bendigo remain stuck in 11th, one win above North Ballarat.
Next week Murray will look to continue their climb up the ladder as they take on the Dandenong Stingrays at Norm Minns Oval from 11am Saturday while Bendigo travel to Trevor Barker Beach Oval to take on Sandringham at 1pm on Saturday.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal:

5 – Nicholas Mellington (Murray)
4 – Daniel Howe (Murray)
3 – Jake Sharp (Murray)
2 – Jacob Chisari (Bendigo)
1 – Danny Jones (Bendigo)


Gippsland Power 15.9 (99)
Sandringham Dragons 10.10 (70)

Power goals: Di Ciero (3), Channing (2), Dennison (2), Carr, Morris, Paredes, Saunders, Rees, Nash, Keilty, Hildebrand
Dragons goals: Maynard (3), Howes, Le Grice, Gabron-Uhe, Clayton, Grace, Wilkinson, GrangePower best: Morris, Carr, Nash, Keilty, Heppell, Paredes
Dragons best: Le Grice, Brayshaw, Grace, Gabron-Uhe, Maynard, Howes

Gippsland Power have continued their quest for a top four berth with a 29 point win over the Sandringham Dragons at Morwell. Alexander Carr and Ed Morris have stood up over the past month and continued to do so for the Power while the young Angus Brayshaw had his best game for the season for the Dragons. Gippsland were missing goalscoring powerhouse Josh Scott among a few others but they got the job done with guys like Liam Nash, Aaron Heppell and Nathaniel Paredes all doing their job. For the Dragons, Elliot LeGrice and Taylor Grace were the standouts aside Brayshaw. Next week the Gippsland Power travel to Preston to face the Western Jets while the Sandringham Dragons host the Bendigo Pioneers at Trevor Barker Oval.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal:
5- Alexander Carr (Gippsland Power)
4- Edward Morris (Gippsland Power)
3- Angus Brayshaw (Sandringham Dragons)
2- Aaron Heppell (Gippsland Power)
1- Liam Nash (Gippsland Power)


Northern Knights 12.17 (89)
Dandenong Stingrays 7.9 (51)

Knights goals: Bowkett (3), Smith (2), Hunt (2), Tilmouth-Turner (2), McDonald, Switkowski, Short
Stingrays goals: Rennie (2), Lonie (2), Bastinac (2), Scott
Knights best: Hunt, Turner, Haynes, Grimes, Soccio, Switkowski
Stingrays best: Lonie, Scott, Gawley, Wilson, Soroczynski, Joyce

The Northern Knights have secured another victory in their push for top four and remain a real dark horse in the competition as they brushed aside the Dandenong Stingrays by 38 points. Liam Bowkett was again impressive up forward but it was the midfield of Liam Hunt, Joshua Turner and Matthew Haynes who helped the Knights to the victory and Preston City Oval. For the Stingrays they lacked the outside run of Billy Hartung and goal sense of Clayton McCartney with only four individual goal scorers. Angus Scott returned to be one of the best for the Stingrays on the day. Northern Knights host the Calder Cannons at Preston next week while the Dandenong Stingrays travel to Wangaratta to face the Murray Bushrangers.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal:
5- Liam Hunt (Northern Knights)
4- Joshua Turner (Northern Knights)
3- Matthew Haynes (Northern Knights)
2- Angus Scott (Dandenong Stingrays)
1- Julian Soccio (Northern Knights)


Geelong Falcons 17.11 (113)
North Ballarat Rebels 6.8 (44)

Falcons goals: Boag (3), Beardsell (3), S. Dixon (3), Donne (2), Bright (2), Spokes, Batarilo, Maishman, Floyd
Rebels goals: Mason (2), Hooper (2), Weightman, Bowman, Butler
Falcons best: N. Dixon, S. Dixon, Beardsell, Maishman, Spokes, Boag
Rebels best: Bennett, Cassidy, Marshall, Armstrong, Mabon, Vearing

The Geelong Falcons continued their winning streak with a comprehensive victory over the last placed North Ballarat Rebels. It mattered little that they were missing a large portion of their team to the Under 18s Championships as the Dixons, Matthew Boag and Billy Beardsell stood up. They always looked in control and showed why they have some fantastic depth to compliment their talent and why they are considered premiership favourites. For the Rebels, it was a disappointing day, but given they were missing Matt Crouch, Dallas Willsmore and Louis Herbert their three clear best players, it was understandable for such a young side. The Falcons  host the Oakleigh Chargers at Simmonds Stadium next week while the North Ballarat Rebels host Eastern Ranges at Eureka Stadium.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal:
5- Nicholas Dixon (Geelong Falcons)
4- Scott Dixon (Geelong Falcons)
3- Matthew Boag (Geelong Falcons)
2- Kody Spokes (Geelong Falcons)
1- Billy Beardsell (Geelong Falcons)


Calder Cannons 10.12.72
Oakleigh Chargers 7.7.49

Chargers goals: Gowers (2), Gladman , Scott , Urban , Indovino , Borland
Cannons goals: Christensen (2), Cauchi (2), Bonello , O”Brien , Berry, Schraven , McConnell , Miller
Chargers best: . Kelly, Silvestro, Donoghue, Dickson, Wilton, Prowse
Cannons best: Kovacevic, Berry, Thompson, Owen, Donoghue, Blair

Calder Cannons gained an important four points over the Oakleigh Chargers this week with forwards Josh Cauchi and Aaron Christensen instrumental throughout the game with two goals each. The Cannons registered a 23 point victory over the Chargers at Highgate in front of home fans as the likes of Anthony Prestia and Jake Owen were impressive. For Oakleigh, Guy Dickson was amongst the best as he continued his good form this season but it wasn’t enough as the Cannons ensured they stay in the top eight. Next week the Cannons face off against the Knights at Preston while Oakleigh head down to Simmonds Stadium to take on the top-of-the-table Falcons.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal
5- Josh Cauchi (Calder Cannons)
4- Aaron Christensen (Calder Cannons)
3- Anthony Prestia (Calder Cannons)
2- Guy Dickson (Oakleigh Chargers)
1- Mark Kovacevic (Calder Cannons)


TAC Cup: round 12

Murray Bushrangers vs. Dandenong Stingrays (11:00am, Saturday 6th July at Norm Minns Oval)
North Ballarat Rebels vs. Eastern Ranges (1:00pm, Saturday 6th July at Eureka Stadium)
Sandringham Dragons vs. Bendigo Pioneers (1:00pm, Saturday 6th July at Trevor Barker Beach Oval)
Geelong Falcons vs. Oakleigh Chargers (2:00pm, Saturday 6th July at Simmonds Stadium)
Northern Knights vs. Calder Cannons (11:30am, Sunday 7th July at Preston City Oval)
Western Jets vs. Gippsland Power (2:00pm, Sunday 7th July at Preston City Oval)

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