TAC Cup: round five review

Photo: Western Jets and Dandenong Stingrays players fly for the mark (BFGN Head Photographer Christian Hartung)

The ladder is beginning to shape itself in the early part of the season as round five was completed. Northern Knights started off with a bang, defeating the Bendigo Pioneers by 21 points at Preston. Calder then belted a woeful North Ballarat side despite the best efforts of Matt Crouch and Lachlan Cassidy. Geelong continued their dominance with a commanding win over a much weakened Oakleigh outfit while Gippsland proved too strong for Sandringham. Nine goals between Tom Boyd and Andreas Roth helped Eastern Ranges to a strong win over the Murray Bushrangers while in the Sunday game, the Dandenong Stingrays got over the Western Jets in Williamstown.

TAC Cup round five:

Northern Knights 13.15 (93)
Bendigo Pioneers 10.12 (72)

Knights goals: Haynes (3), Bowkett (2), Kalanj (2), McKeown (2), Grimes, Ellis, Short, Tilmouth-Turner
Pioneers goals: Helman (3), Evans, Conway, McGrath, Chisari, O’Meara, Payne, Bacon
Knights best: Haynes, Boundy, Bowkett, Kalanji, Turner, Grimes
Pioneers best: Maher, Heavyside, Ryan, Helman, Barrett, McGrath

The Northern Knights have continued their good form this week with a 21 point win over the Bendigo Pioneers. After a heavy loss a fortnight ago to the Geelong Falcons, the Pioneers regained a few strong bodies and stood up to the Knights, but it wasn’t enough. Matthew Haynes and Joel Helman were both impressive for their respective sides but the work of Jake Kalanj was great racking up 29 touches and ten marks. Next week the Northern Knights face the rampaging Geelong Falcons at Simonds Stadium while the Bendigo Pioneers host the Oakleigh Chargers at Queen Elizabeth Oval.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal
5- Jake Kalanj (Northern Knights)
4- Matthew Haynes (Northern Knights)
3- Liam Bowkett (Northern Knights)
2- Jacob Chisari (Bendigo Pioneers)
1- Joel Helman (Bendigo Pioneers)

Calder Cannons 12.11 (83)
North Ballarat Rebels 3.11 (29)

Cannons goals: Cauchi (3), Ahern (2), Schraven (2), Clothier, Corigliano, Merlo, Cooke, Owen
Rebels goals: Webster, Hoy, Blake
Cannons best: Lever, Merlo, Prestia, Owen, Clothier, Ferry
Rebels best: Hendy, Crouch, Webster, Bowman, Cassidy, Robinson

Two sides which have been far from impressive battled at Highgate with the Calder Cannons comfortably winning. They backed up their first win of the season last week against the Oakleigh Chargers by holding the Rebels goalless to three quarter time and running out 54 point winners. Josh Cauchi again was a danger up forward with three goals while Jay Lever impressed in defense. It’s not hard to see why Matt Crouch will be a top five pick, racking up 43 disposals in a BOG effort despite his sides’ heavy loss. Next week the Cannons travel to Queensland while the Rebels meet the Dragons in the first game of the season at Eureka Stadium.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal
5- Matt Crouch (North Ballarat Rebels)
4- Jake Lever (Calder Cannons)
3- Lachlan Cassidy (North Ballarat Rebels)
2- Jedd Clotheir (Calder Cannons)
1- Matthew Merlo (Calder Cannons)

Oakleigh Chargers 4.8 (32)
Geelong Falcons 10.12 (72)

Chargers goals: Tatupu (2), Hogan, Kennedy-Harris
Falcons goals: Gardiner (3), Crawley (3), Cameron, Thompson, Adams, Beardsell
Chargers best: Kennedy-Harris, Dickson, Hogan, Borland, Gladman, Answerth
Falcons best: Lang, Hickey, Cameron, Thompson, Beardsell

Geelong Falcons haven’t looked like been defeated all season and they continued their strong form against a depleted Oakleigh outfit. With half the team playing their first games of the season, Oakleigh never stood a chance against a strong side that welcomed back its five AIS boys for the clash. To Oakleigh’s credit they kept with them before the Falcons kicked away at the end. Jay Kennedy-Harris was superb with 14 tackles while Darcy Lang was impressive for Geelong. Guy Dickson nullified Fraser Fort and was always strong in the one-on-one contests. Next week the Falcons host the Calder Cannons in the VFL curtain raiser at Simonds Stadium while the Chargers travel to Bendigo to play the Pioneers.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal
5- Darcy Lang (Geelong Falcons)
4- Jay Kennedy-Harris (Oakleigh Chargers)
3- Guy Dickson (Oakleigh Chargers)
2- Billy Hogan (Oakleigh Chargers)
1- Alexander Moloney (Geelong Falcons)

Murray Bushrangers 12.8 (80)
Eastern Ranges 17.11 (113)

Bushrangers goals: Mahady (4), Impy (3), King (2), Norris, Squire, Neagle
Eastern goals: Boyd (5), Roth (4), Traynor (3), Gatwech-Chuol (3), Walker, Cavarra
Bushrangers best: Mahady, Sullivan, Ellis, Cleeland, Sharp, Martyn
Eastern best: Boyd, Cavarra, Fisher, Walker, O’Sullivan, McStay

Eastern Ranges welcomed back man-boy Thomas Boyd to the full forward position and he responded in kind with five goals to sink the Murray Bushrangers in Wangaratta. Small forward Andreas Roth was handy too booting four as Eastern Ranges ended a good few weeks for the Bushrangers. For Murray, Mitchell Mahady was impressive with four goals but the impressive work of Ben Cavarra and Daniel McStay ensured Eastern Ranges never looked like losing. Next week Eastern Ranges travel to Tasmania while the Murray Bushrangers make the trip south to play the Dandenong Stingrays.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal
5- Thomas Boyd (Eastern Ranges)
4- Mitchell Mahady (Murray Bushrangers)
3- Ben Cavarra (Eastern Ranges)
2- Nicholas Evans (Eastern Ranges)
1- Daniel McStay (Eastern Ranges)

Sandringham Dragons 7.8 (50)
Gippsland Power 9.16 (70)

Dragons goals: Cathcart (3), McGowan (2), Zagni, Smith
Power goals: Scott (5), Carr, Grining, Heppell, Webb
Dragons best: Grace, Maynard, Smith, Daidone, Whitehead, Gogis
Power best: Scott, Webb, Nash, Paredes, Heppell, Leslie

After a fantastic start to the season, Sandringham have plummeted the last two weeks, this time losing to the Gippsland Power. Josh Scott followed up his nine goals from a fortnight ago to register another five and become a real headache for opposition coaches. Aaron Heppell and Tom Muir were impressive once again out of defence while Nathan Smith and Callum Cathcart stood up for the Dragons. Inaccuracy stopped the margin being larger, with the Power having 25 scoring shots to 15 despite only winning by 20 points. Next week Sandringham travel to Eureka Stadium while Gippsland host the Western Jets in Morwell.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal
5- Josh Scott (Gippsland Power)
4- Josh Cashman (Gippsland Power)
3- Aaron Heppell (Gippsland Power)
2- Tom Muir (Gippsland Power)
1- Nathan Smith (Sandringham Dragons)

Western Jets 12.15 (87)
Dandenong Stingrays 15.8 (98)

Jets goals: Goal Kickers: Sicily (3), Said (2), Viojo, Abou-Zeid, Iaccarino, Sullivan, McKenzie , Hickey, Robinson
Stingrays goals: Gardiner (7), Lonie (2), Harnett , Harmes, Patolo, Joyce, Soroczynski, Pickess
Jets best: Greiser, Iaccarino, Greiser, Viojo, McKenzie, Dawam
Stingrays best: Gardiner, Foote, Lonie, Pickess, Patolo, Harmes

The Dandenong Stingrays picked up their second consecutive victory for season 2013 defeating The Western Jets by 11 points at Burbank Oval. With the sun out against the unique backdrop of Port Phillip Bay, the wind was a critical factor as Western could not make the adjustments with their goal kicking. The Jets spurned opportunity after opportunity to convert on their good work, and their wastefulness was capitalised upon by Dandenong and Nathan Gardiner, who ultimately was the difference kicking 7 majors. The play was largely dominated at the scoring end, and the sides were able to score when they lowered their eyes and hit up targets instead of blazing away. Nathan Foote was staunch in defence for Dandenong, winning hard ball and setting up the play with clean ball use, while Lonie and Patolo were a key tandem in the midfield. The Western Jets controlled the play for most of the day but just could not capitilise with Viojo and Iaccarino winning the ball at the stoppages and providing lots of opportunities for the Jets that went unrewarded. Next week Dandenong host the Murray Bushrangers while the Western Jets travel to Gippsland to face the Power.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal
5- Nathan Gardiner (Dandenong Stingrays)
4- David Iaccarino (Western Jets)
3- Jake Greiser (Western Jets)
2- Nathan Foote (Dandenong Stingrays)
1- Dillon Viojo (Western Jets)

TAC Cup round six:

Geelong Falcons vs. Northern Knights (2:00pm, Saturday 4th May at Simonds Stadium)
Tasmania vs Eastern Ranges (12:30pm, Saturday 4th May at Aurora Stadium)
Bendigo Pioneers vs. Oakleigh Chargers (11:30am, Saturday 4th May at Queen Elizabeth Oval)
Dandenong Stingrays vs. Murray Bushrangers (2:00pm, Saturday 4th May at Shepley Oval)
Queensland vs. Calder Cannons (10:30am, Saturday 4th May at Yeronga Football Ground)
Gippsland Power vs. Western Jets (12:00pm, Sunday 5th May at Morwell Football Ground)
North Ballarat Rebels vs. Sandringham Dragons (1:00pm, Sunday 5th May at Eureka Stadium)

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