TAC Cup review: Metro round four

The TAC Cup Metro round four kicked off with three genuine upsets. First the Western Jets scraped across the line against Oakleigh despite the best effort of Jay Kennedy-Harris. Secondly Eastern Ranges belted the Northern Knights to get its season back on track thanks to five goals to Andreas Roth. To complete the day of upsets, the win-less Calder Cannons accounted for the unbeaten Sandringham Dragons at Highgate Recreation Reserve by 26 points.

TAC Cup Metro round 4:

Western Jets 11.11 (77)
Oakleigh Chargers11.10 (76)

Jets goals: Sicily 3, Norton 2, Viojo , Abou-Zeid, Sullivan, Manivong, Orr, Ferrari
Chargers goals: Hogan 3, Tatupu 2, Toohey 2, Edwards 2, Kennedy-Harris, Fitzgerald
Jets best: Sicily, Ellis, Norton, Menadue, McKenzie, Iaccarino
Chargers best: Kennedy-Harris, Hogan, Fitzgerald, Toohey, Scott, Kelly

The Western Jets have continued their impressive form this season, defeating the talented Oakleigh Chargers by a point at Box Hill City Oval. Considered the wildcard in the TAC Cup, the Jets are flying under the radar, accumulating narrow wins and surprising opponents. Mitch Norton and James Sicily were dangerous up forward while the likes of Corey Ellis and Connor Menadue were always busy. For the Chargers, Jay Kennedy-Harris continued his wonderful form this season, weaving and dodging around players to have a huge impact in the first half. Billy Hogan booted three goals in the loss to add to his total for the season. Next week the Oakleigh Chargers have a huge clash against the rampant Geelong Falcons at Warrawee Park on Saturday while the Western Jets get their first traditional home game at Burbank Oval on the Sunday against the Dandenong Stingrays.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal
5 – Mitch Norton (Western Jets)
4 – James Sicily (Western Jets)
3 – Jay Kennedy-Harris (Oakleigh Chargers)
2 – Billy Hogan (Oakleigh Chargers)
1 – Lewis Fitzgerald (Oakleigh Chargers)

Eastern Ranges 17.15 (117)
Northern Knights 10.11 (71)

Eastern goals: Roth (5), Evan (2), Apeness (2), Petracca (2), Cavarra (2), Belo, Staples, McStay, Welsh, BondKnights goals: Tardio (3), Murphy, Turner, Haynes, Langford, Iacobaccio, Glasgow, Bromley
Eastern best: Fisher, Cavarra, Roth, Petracca, O’Sullivan, Apeness
Knights best: Haynes, Bowkett, Bromley, Soccio, Switkowski, Potter

The 2013 TAC Cup season has already provided plenty of upsets and with Eastern Ranges comfortably accounting for the Northern Knights, it appears there are still many more to come. Still missing key forward Thomas Boyd mattered little for Eastern Ranges as small forward Andreas Roth and his partner in crime Christian Petracca booted seven goals between them in an onslaught. Nuggety midfielder Ben Cavarra impacted the scoreboard with two goals while Michael Apeness continued his great form in Boyd’ absence. For the Knights, Jesse Tardio was impressive around the ground, booting three goals and finding plenty of the ball while Chas Bromley was lively despite only booting one goal in the loss. Next week Eastern Ranges hit the road to play the Murray Bushrangers in Wangaratta while the Northern Knights host the Bendigo Pioneers at Preston City Oval.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal
5 – Christian Petracca (Eastern Ranges)
4 – Andreas Roth (Eastern Ranges)
3 – Ben Cavarra (Eastern Ranges)
2 – Chas Bromley (Northern Knights)
1 – Michael Apeness (Eastern Ranges)

Calder Cannons: 11.12 (78)
Sandringham Dragons: 7.10 (52)

Cannons goals: Cauchi (3), Prestia (2), Christensen (2), Van Der Byl , Cooke , Carboni, Berry.
Dragons goals: Clayton (3), Cathcart (3), Freeman.
Cannons best: Cauchi, Lever, Carboni, Berry, Prestia, Jensen
Dragons best: Clayton, Ritchie, McLaren, T. Langdon, Munro, Freeman

The Calder Cannons and Sandringham Dragons had very different paths leading up to the match with the winless Cannons having to host the unbeaten Dragons at home in what was expected to be an ugly contest. As the crowd braved cold and blustery conditions at Highgate Recreation Reserve, many couldn’t believe what they were about to witness – a complete role reversal of the past few weeks. The normally slick and efficient Sandringham Dragons were missing targets and unable to find a goal early while the Calder Cannons who had been criticised for their game play and lack of a genuine ‘superstar’ were finding space, working hard and hitting targets. Goal sneak Josh Cauchi booted three goals while Aaron Christensen finally found some form booting two goals along side Anthony Prestia while Liam Berry was busy around the ground. For the Sandringham Dragons it was a two man show as Nathan Freeman and the returning Josh Kelly were working hard around the contests. The Dragons forward line was close to non-existent with the normally steady Max Hayes and Alexander Spencer held goalless. Next week Sandringham host Gippsland in the second of two matches at Preston while Calder host the lowly North Ballarat Rebels at Highgate.

BFGN Rising Stars Medal
5 – Nathan Freeman (Sandringham Dragons)
4 – Anthony Prestia (Calder Cannons)
3 – Josh Kelly (Sandringham Dragons)
2 – Josh Cauchi (Calder Cannons)
1 – Liam Berry (Calder Cannons)

TAC Cup round 5:

Northern Knights vs. Bendigo Pioneers (12:00pm, Saturday 27th April at Preston City Oval)
Calder Cannons vs. North Ballarat Rebels (1:00pm, Saturday 27th April at Highgate Recreation Reserve)
Oakleigh Chargers vs. Geelong Falcons (1:00pm, Saturday 27th April at Warrawee Park)
Murray Bushrangers vs. Eastern Ranges (1:30pm, Saturday 27th April at Wangaratta Showgrounds)
Sandringham Dragons vs. Gippsland Power (2:30pm, Saturday 27th April at Preston City Oval)
Western Jets vs. Dandenong Stingrays (1:00pm, Sunday 28th April at Burbank Oval)

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